The J. Phase 

My name is Jasmin Fejzic and I go by J. I was born in Germany, have an Eastern European background and was raised in the United States of America. In 2011, my dad moved my brother, sister and me back to Germany in hope of a better life and future for us. Well, in 2013, I realized that my heart was still in Utah so I decided to move back home to try my luck and follow my heart.

After moving back to Utah I accepted the fact I’m a 20 year old that MUST succeed and learn how to become a functioning adult without the help of both of my parents. Sure it was scary, but I had drive! I had the courage and the knowledge that my father so generously gifted me to help me keep my head above water when thrown into the real world.

I had to learn how to do all the important things that adults have to do like paying taxes, buying a car, buying a home, applying for a loan, etc. All on my own! Let me tell you, this was EVERYTHING BUT a walk in the park.

I understand that there might not be many people that were in my exact situation, but there are a lot of young adults who could really benefit from my experiences out in the real world.

The J. Phase is something I created for people like me to help them succeed in life. Everyday I am faced with another challenge and I do everything I can to first learn how to deal with it, then ultimately conquer and share to the world what I did and how to do it.

Also, so many people today are throwing away money on services and products that they either need or think they need. I always do very extensive research before putting my hard earned dollars into anything and I felt the need to put my work out there for people to see and use to benefit themselves . Whether it be loans, services like cable or hell, even attorneys. I feel like there are so many good things out there that people, trying to establish themselves, could really benefit from.

My goal with The J. Phase is to show how important customer service is today. Many companies nowadays think that an awesome product is going to make them millions regardless whether their customers are satisfied or not. I want people who may not not have a ton of money, to still get the service that they deserve. Big companies should not only cater to those with deep pockets.

I believe that even those of us who don’t happen to have a lot of money can still get what they need to become independent. You don’t need a ton of money saved up to get what you want. You don’t necessarily need 250,000 dollars to buy a house. You don’t need a fat wallet and a suit to be treated with respect and dignity when buying a new car.

This post is to introduce myself and help out a like-minded community show business owners that our opinion is important. I don’t want to pay for something just because it sounds good in the beginning and ends up turning me into just a number. I’m tired of getting screwed out of my money by someone who thinks I am not worth their time to make or keep happy. I want to share my experience with you and I want to find out what else people are spending their money on. 


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